my pack

I’m in Huntington Beach with the loves of my life, Babbi, Glenn, and their two dogs, KC and Kayla.

Babbi and Glenn were my regulars at the diner for a long time, and then we became friends. Babbi came with me to visit the campus at CSUF, and they were at my graduation two years later. I stayed with them the summer before last, saving money to move to Los Angeles. Once every couple of months, I come down for a few days to visit. We mostly sit in the backyard and talk for hours. And I bring all of my laundry.

I’m here this week to spend a few days writing. I’m in the backyard now. It’s dark, but I can hear the wind through the chimes and the hedges. I’m hoping to get some work done for a few longer pieces, and to generally hang around KC, my main Golden Doodle squeeze.

Tomorrow Glenn and I will grab breakfast, and then we’ll come back to the backyard. I’ll write in my favorite spot, Glenn will paint in his shed, and Babbi, the best of us, will probably be at the gym like the badass she is.

Do you have a favorite spot to write or get work done? Magical people or places that aid creativity?


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